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Access wireless Internet for FREE!

All EPPL locations offer free wireless Internet access for its patrons.  Simply find the Digital El Paso signal on your smart phone or other mobile device and logon.

FAQ from Digital El Paso Website

Q. How do you use it?

A. Residents in the Downtown coverage area who wish to participate in training and the take-home computer program should register for courses at La Fe Clinic, or, soon, Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Accessing the Wireless Internet: The user will need a computer or laptop with a wireless card. The user must be in a "hot spot," or coverage area. (See Map) Depending on the wireless card and operating system (Windows or Mac), the user will see a pop-up or icon on the screen with information about available wireless networks. The user may click on the icon to see a list of available networks. The user should select "digitalelpaso" from the list of available networks and connect. Finally, the user may launch a web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Safari) to access the web.

Q. Do I need to register?

A. No, you don't need to register or get a password.

Q. What operating system will I need to use the wireless Internet?

A. Windows 2000 or later. Mac users OS 9.0 or later.

Q. How fast is the wireless Internet?

A. Speed will vary between 500 K to approximately 2 Mbps, depending on how many people are connected and what type of content is uploaded/downloaded.

In other words, you should be able to access simple web pages and some video clips, depending on how many people are accessing Digital El Paso at the same time.

Q. Where do I go for help?

A. You may choose an independent service provider from the local phone book (look under Computers or Internet). Depending on your issue, they may charge a fee for their services. You may also contact the Help pagefor the EPCC service desk.

Q. Is my web browsing being monitored?

A. No. Your access to the web is not monitored. However, EPISD students navigating on school laptops will be routed to your school Internet browsing system.

For more information visit the Digital El Paso website.