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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

The El Paso Library also provides Assistive Technology software and hardware. These Assistive Technology programs are located in the computer lab and designated branch libraries enhance the ability of disabled patrons in manipulating data on a computer. There is an array of pointing devices to help people with hand or arm disabilities. We have alternative keyboards to accommodate low vision or ergonomic problems. A push-button, adjustable height workstation allows a person in a large wheelchair to access our computers.

El Paso Public Library Offers Assistive Devices for the Visually Impaired. Library users with visual and other impairments can make use of devices at the El Paso Public Library which enlarge computer screen text, speak the printed word, and show enlarged printed materials (books and magazines) on a special video screen.

The El Paso Main Library and designated Library branches have text-enlarging software (ZoomText) mounted on a workstation in the Computer Lab. The software can be used in conjunction with all of the applications in the Computer Lab, including Microsoft Office and our online catalog. Users with visual impairments will have priority usage of this computer, which sits on a fully adjustable table to accommodate wheelchair users.

Download a complete list of ADA devices by branch.

Text to Speech

A reading machine is located to turn text into speech. The machine is located in the Computer Lab next to the ZoomText workstation. Patrons can place printed material face down on the glass surface of the reading machine, press one button to scan the item and a second button to read it. The reading machine is equipped with headphones that are kept at the sign up desk.

Video Enlarging Machine

Another piece of equipment is a video enlarging machine. A patron can place any two-dimensional item on the bottom surface and it will be magnified up to 350X on an upright screen. The library encourages patrons with low vision to come to the Downtown Library to try our equipment.

Photos of assistive technology at the library

Braille Printer

This Braille embosser printer allows patrons with low vision or no vision to select books, magazines, or documents and convert them to Braille for their reading enjoyment.

Assistance for those with limited use of their hands

The Head Mouse is for individuals who cannot use or have limited use of their hands when controlling a computer or alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) device. The Head Mouse translates natural movements of a user's head into directly proportional movements of the computer mouse pointer, so as the user moves their head the mouse pointer on the screen also moves.

If you require special accommodations to participate in library programs, please contact the El Paso Library at 915-212-7323, two weeks prior to the program.

The following El Paso Libraries have Full ADA Workstations:

The Main Library 501 N. Oregon St. 79901
Armijo Library 620 E. Seventh 79901
Doris Van Doren 551 Redd Rd. 79912
Judge Edward S. Marquez. 610 N. Yarbrough 79915
Richard Burges 9600 Dyer 79924


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