Main Library Reference Desk (915) 212-READ

Curb Service

El Paso Public Library now offers Curbside Pickup POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE


The contactless service allows customers to pick up items they have placed on hold outside at these three locations during the following days and times:

Richard Burges Library
9600 Dyer St. Suite C
Monday & Thursday
10am – 6pm

Esperanza Moreno Library
12480 Pebble Hills Blvd.
Tuesday & Thursday
10am – 6pm

Dorris Van Doren Library
551 E. Redd. Rd.
Wednesday & Friday
10am – 6pm 


  • Place items on hold through the online catalog or by calling one of the three libraries listed above.
  • Wait for notification by either phone, email or text? that your items are ready.
  • Call the library back to schedule a pickup day and time.
  • After you arrive, call the phone number posted outside.
  • Show your photo ID without opening the window of your vehicle.
  • Open the back seat door or trunk of your car from the inside.
  • Library staff will place your bagged library materials inside your vehicle.


  • Library buildings remain closed to the public at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Wait times for holds may be longer than usual.
  • The setup will be a little different at each branch. Please follow the posted signage.
  • EPPL will quarantine all materials for 72 hours before they will be re-shelved and available for checkout.
  • Fines must be paid online at


Library items may be returned in the outside bookdrops at Dorris Van Doren, Esperanza Acosta Moreno, Richard Burges and Main Library every Monday from 10 a.m. through 6 p.m. This process will help us ensure that items are safely quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours. Staff cannot accept returns directly from customers.


Why can’t I return my books anytime I want like I did before the libraries closed?

EPPL is only accepting returns on Mondays because it allows staff to guarantee that every returned item has been quarantined for more than 72 hours to prevent the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus. Most items will not be handled by staff until four days after being returned. 

What sanitizing is being done to protect customers?
In addition to quarantining all materials for longer than the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations, staff will only handle materials while wearing face masks and gloves. There will be no contact between staff and customers. Materials will be placed in the trunk or back seat of patrons’ vehicles.

I just returned some books, but when I got home I saw that they were still listed as checked out on my account. Why is this?

Returned items will take at least four days to be checked in due to the quarantine process. Customers will not incur any late fees or have their cards blocked during this period.

After I put items on hold, how long will it take for them to be ready?
As always, we cannot provide estimates due to numerous variables such as if other customers have requested the same items and where the materials are in their quarantine phase. Please know we are working as fast as we can to serve you and thank you for your patience.

When will customers be allowed to go back into the branches?

We do not know. EPPL staff are eager to resume as many of our services as possible, but we will be guided by the direction of state and local officials. Some tough choices had to be made due to the economic shortfalls caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, currently estimated at $33 million for the current fiscal year, and $66 million for FY21.

How do I get an online library card?

EPPL will only be issuing digital library cards to checkout materials. You can sign up online at and you will be given a six-digit number that is not a Library Card number. Your application will be processed in two to five days and you will receive an email with your official library card number. You may use your new library card to access online databases and digital materials such as ebooks and e-audiobooks and streaming media, as well as put materials on hold for curbside pick-up. 

What is happening with library programs?

Programs are currently only being offered online. Please follow the Library on Facebook to see online programing. Once branches reopen to the public, we will give an update on when we plan to resume in-person programs.

When will I be able to submit new meeting room reservation requests for the future?

We don't have a set date for reopening bookings at this time. 

How can I get assistance regarding my account or if I need help with research?
You can call 212-READ (7323) Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. through 2 p.m. or contact us through Ask-a-Librarian on-line and our staff will be happy to help you. You may also call the Dorris Van Doren, Esperanza Acosta Moreno, or Richard Burges Libraries.

When is passport services resuming?

We do not have a set date for reopening passport services at this time.