Passport Services

EPPL currently offers US Passport Acceptance Services at 4 library locations.  Those are the Armijo branch located at 620 E. 7th St., the Dorris Van Doren branch located at 551 E. Redd Rd.. the Esperanza Acosta Moreno branch located at 12480 Pebble Hills Blvd., and the Richard Burges branch located at 9600 Dyer. 

The public will not need an appointment to apply.  Walk-ins are welcome.

Regular Hours of Operation Are:

When you arrive:

  1. Sign In
  2. Bring a US Passport application filled out to the best of your knowledge (Black ink only) 
    • DS-11 form must be completed prior to applying
    • Original proof of citizenship + photocopy
    • Valid state or government ID + photocopy front/back
  3. Provide payment in Checks or money orders payable to the US Department of State  
  4. $130 Passport Book (16 years and older)  
    $100 Passport Book (15 years and under)  
    $30 Passport Card (16 years and older)  
    $15 Passport Card (15 years and under) ** add $60 to passport fee for expedited service  
  5. Provide payment in cash, checks or money orders for passport processing fee payable to the City of El Paso. $35/application.  
  6. Provide Photos (if provided, photo must be 2x2 in dimension, with white or off white background.) **$10 for photos taken at this facility - cash, check, or money order payable to the City of El Paso** 

For more information visit US State Department Website