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Enhanced Library Card

What is the Enhanced Library Card?

The Enhanced Library Card (ELC) offered by the El Paso Public Library is a credential featuring the cardholder's name, photograph, and pertinent personal details. This card grants access to the comprehensive array of resources available to El Paso Library customers. Moreover, it may serve as supplementary identification when presented alongside other pertinent documents for identity verification purposes. It is advisable to consult relevant organizations or entities to ascertain the acceptance and conditions under which the Enhanced Library Card may be utilized for such verification.

The Enhanced Library Card is free of charge and applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Eligible individuals can exchange their standard El Paso Public Library card for this enhanced version. The Enhanced Library Card can be used across all El Paso Public Library locations. It is important to note that the loss or theft of the ELC could potentially facilitate identity theft.

Businesses and organizations can partner with the El Paso Public Library to accept the Enhanced Library Card (ELC) as a form of supplemental identification.

Become An ELC Partner

Photo of example enhanced library card
Handing elc card to new card holder

How to Get an ELC

Enhanced Library Cards are available at one of our four El Paso Library locations:

You'll complete an ELC application and present valid ID and proof of residency to finalize the process. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you throughout the application process.

Find out more about the the document verification process and residency verification requirements below.

Residency Verification Requirements

For the validation of residency, each applicant must present one of the documents listed below. The document must prominently display the applicant's name along with their current address. We accept both digital and electronic versions of residency documents.

The Following Documents Must Be Current

  • Applicant’s Level 1, 2, or 3 proof of identity documents that displays their current Texas Address (Current Driver’s License Etc.)
  • Current Texas vehicle title or registration with address on it
  • Current residential property lease of sublease that includes the lease term, rent amount, utility terms, and lessor/sublessor contact information.

The Following Documents Must Be Dated Within 60 Days

  • Utility bill: gas, electric, garbage, water, internet/cable/landline
  • Insurance bill: homeowner’s, renter’s, health, life or auto
  • Local mortgage payment receipt
  • Bank account statement
  • Employment pay stub
  • Jury summons or court order issued by federal, state or municipal court
    USPS Change of Address confirmation (dated within the 60 day period prior to the application submission)
  • Written verification issued by a homeless services agency, hospital, health clinic, social services agency or faith based agency located within the state of Texas verifying residency (original, signed copy on official letterhead)
  • If a certified copy of a marriage certificate is presented at the time of application, and applicant may prove residency using documents bearing the name of the spouse.
Handing documents to desk clerk
Tax document

The Following Documents Must Be Dated Within 1 Year

  • Federal Income Tax or Refund Statement
  • Letter or document issued by the U.S. IRS addressed tot he applicant regarding the applicant’s personal tax status (dated within the 12-month period prior to application submission)

The Following Documents Must Be Dated Within Current Year

  • Letter or record addressed to the applicant from a school, college, or university located in Texas that the applicant has attended.


Who is eligible for an ELC Card and is there a cost?

El Paso County residents are eligible for the Enhanced Library Card. ELC is available to the city of El Paso adult residents (18+ years old) at no charge. The County of El Paso will pay for cards outside of city limits.

How can I use the Enhanced Library Card?

The Enhanced Library Card is a General Library Card and can be used to access all the resources at all library locations. Check out books, DVDs, and other physical materials in our collection, as well as our various electronic resources, such as eBooks and access to databases through TexShare.

What is required to apply for an Enhanced Library Card?

To apply for the ELC, library staff must verify your identity and residency. You may need to bring more than one document to prove your identity. Proof of identity will be determined by a 3-point rating system. Check the list of acceptable documents carefully.

Original or certified copies are required. You must be present to verify any documents and have your photo taken. Images you have printed or provided digitally will not be accepted.

What information will be printed on the ELC?

Your name, address, birthdate, height, eye color and gender (with the options of male, female and X) will be printed on the card in addition to a picture taken at the point of issuance.

Where can I get my ELC?

Jose Cisneros Cielo Vista Library Branch 1300 Hawkins Blvd., El Paso, TX 79925
Irving Schwartz Library Branch 1865 Dean Martin Dr., El Paso, TX 79936
Sergio Troncoso Library Branch 9321 Alameda Ave., El Paso, TX 79907
Westside Library Branch 125 Belvidere Ave., El Paso, TX 79912

How long is the ELC valid for?

The ELC is valid for five (5) years after it is issued. Cards can be renewed when they expire.

What do I do if I need to update my personal information?

It is vital to keep your personal information on the ELC current. Please bring the card to one of the ELC issuing library branches issuing library branches. For a fee of $5.00, library staff will update your information and reprint the card for you. Your original expiration date will stay the same.

What if I lose my ELC?

Please report the loss of your ELC immediately. Please bring your documentation to one of the ELC issuing library branches. For a fee of $5.00, library staff will update your information and reprint the card for you. Your original expiration date will stay the same.

What must I bring to apply for a library card?

A picture ID and proof of physical address (verifying County of El Paso residency) are required to receive your library card.

What if I don’t have a photo ID, can I still apply for a library card?

If you don’t have a photo ID, we would be happy to accept a letter from an agency or government entity that states that you do not have a photo ID. We ask that this letter be the original, be on a letterhead of the agency/government entity, provide your name, state that you do not have a photo ID, and be signed by an agency/government entity staff member. Accepted agencies/ government entities: shelters, caseworkers, any City of El Paso department or State of Texas agency. In addition, you must provide proof of address.

Where is the ELC accepted?

Your Enhanced Library Card can be used as identification for different services at City and County locations.

City of El Paso

Department Services
Tax Office Payments
Municipal Court Requesting payment plans, hearings, etc. 
PD Code Enforcement Verification of ownership for property, vehicle, parcel and issuance of notice of violation to confirm identity.
Planning & Inspections Issuance of permits, licenses, and payments
Animal Services All services: Return to owners, intake, surrendering, registration and purchase of a license, adoption, transfer of ownership and issuance of notice of violations.
Sun Metro Age and identification purposes for certain bus passes and fare discounts.
Parks and Recreation All services: Must have an address within the city limits for the registration for kid camps. 
Health Dental, immunizations, and WIC 
Police Identification


El Paso County

Department Services
Community Services General Assistance, Tool Lending, Illumina Digital Library 
Criminal Justice Coordination Will be accepted
County Attorney’s Office Protective Order, Access to Mental Health Assistance, Senor Protective Services.
Public Defender Will be accepted
Sheriff Will be accepted