Meeting Rooms

All of EPPL’s meeting room facilities are available for public use. The rooms must be reserved ahead of time to insure availability. They are free of charge provided the use is not for a business endeavor. A nominal business rate will apply for business users. Meeting room use is subject to review by library administration. Please call the library you are interested in for more information.

Meeting Room Policy

Library Bill of Rights

EPPL Public Meeting Room Spaces

Note: Maximum capacities are listed in parentheses after each room name.

Armijo Branch Library
GED Proctor Room (10), Computer Classroom (40), Mural Room, Upper Level (122), Mural Room, Lower Level (25)

Clardy Fox Branch Library
Multipurpose Meeting room (100), Green Room (65), Open Seating Area (45)

Dorris Van Doren Regional Branch Library
Auditorium (80), Family Room (10-15), Craft Area (40)

Esperanza Acosta Moreno Regional Branch Library
Program Room (90), Study Room (6), Lobby (4)

Irving Schwartz Branch Library
Meeting Room (80)

José Cisneros Cielo Vista Branch Library
Meeting Room (70 or divided in two – 40 & 18)

Judge Edward Marquez Branch Library
Meeting Room (80), Reading Room (25)

Main Library
Auditorium (250), All other meeting rooms are not being reserved due to pending construction.

Memorial Park Branch Library
Program Room (49)

Richard Burges Regional Branch Library
Program Room (100), Small Meeting Room (11), Larger Meeting Room (20)

Sergio Troncoso Branch Library
Meeting Room (80)

Westside Branch Library
Meeting Room (75)