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El Paso Public Library cards are free to residents of the city of El Paso. The cards are good for two years and may be renewed after that for another two years.

Download a Library Card Application Form. Please bring in the completed application to a library near you. Digital library cards are available during the pandemic to minimize the risk for both patrons and staff.  

Temporary Borrowing Measures

The Responsibilities of a Library Card

You are legally responsible for all library materials borrowed on you card, whether the items were borrowed with or without your permission. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for materials borrowed on their children’s cards. You must report any change of name, address, or loss of card to the Library immediately. Patrons must pay any fines and/or fees for damaged or lost items. Patron owing fines will be blocked from checking out materials until payment/renewal is arranged.

If You Lose or Damage an Item

If a customer loses an item, the customer is responsible for the replacement cost for that item (i.e. the list price of the item at the time it was added to the collection). Library policy does not allow the customer to replace or substitute the lost item with another item. Once the Library receives payment for a lost item, the item becomes the property of the patron. The Library cannot accept the return of or provide refunds for lost materials if they are found after payment of replacement charges has been made. 

Only Residents of the US are Eligible for a Non-Resident Card
A non-resident fee for checking out books and other materials. This policy is in response to an increased demand in services and reductions in State and Federal funding. To maintain full borrowing privileges, those who live outside the City limits will need to pay a fee of $25 for 6 months or $50 for a full year of service.

Download a list of FAQs here

You must:


If your identification card does not include your current address, we will also need one of the following in either print or digital formats as proof of current address:

Adults must be present in the library before library cards will be issued.

If you are under 13 years of age, your parent or legal guardian must present his/her ID and sign your library card application.

Children must be present in the library when library cards are issued.
Military personnel and their dependents may show their military ID when applying for a library card, but must also provide proof of residency within the United States.

You must be registered as a library cardholder in order to borrow materials, and you must present a library card or photo ID when checking them out.

Please report lost library cards promptly. You will be charged $1.00 to replace a lost children/teen library card or $2.00 to replace an Adult library card. Library cards damaged during normal use will be replaced without charge.
Library cards must be renewed every 2 years. You must present the same kind of identification that you presented when you first requested a library card. (See above.)

Temporary library cards are available during the pandemic. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

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